Hello I'm James,
Product Designer

Berlin-based product designer, creating meaningful experiences.  
Interested in sustainability, education &  social change.

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Past experience

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Recent projects

Coup Mobilty

Urban mobility application

Coup is an electric mobility service operating in Berlin, Madrid & Paris! Users can unlock and rent an electric moped via the app.

Cooler Future

Green investment application

Cooler Future is an impact investing startup its mission is to make sustainable investing accessible to everyone.


Digital health application

Vivy is a digital health record. Enabling customers to securely store and share encrypted medical files on a smartphone.


Sport scores application

CrowdScores brings you the fastest live football scores as well as being a social network allowing fans to share in-match opinions.


HR management application

YunoJuno takes  the hassle out for employing freelance by handling recruiting, contacts and payments.


Cashback application

Quidco is the number one cashback service in Europe. They partner with top retailers helping consumers earn cashback.

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