CrowdScores shows live football scores from around the world. It is a social scores network which allows fans to share in-match events and opinions.


CrowdScores was a real-time-score-application. I served as the principal designer with the team. The app was mainly focused on showing football-scores faster than any other provider out there.


Product Designer


UI/UX Research, Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Icon Design, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping.

Interface design

CrowdScores presents a user-friendly interface on both Android and iOS platforms, characterised by a clear and accessible design. The influence of material design is evident throughout the application.

Throughout the development of the app, I adhered to the philosophy that data in mobile applications should be easily scannable and consumable.

User experience design

With over 1,300 matches on an average week, an intuitive user experience is crucial. Navigation within the app has been an issue due to the vast amount of infomation covered. Navigation has been improved with the implementation of a search facility.

Visual design

Visuals are used as an important method of communication with the user. They entertain and can even trigger an emotional response to the digital. All in-match events covered within the app have a unique animation.